I am so honoured that 52 Davids is being  included in the activities being held at Capital Plaza (the upper legislature grounds) in Edmonton on November 11, 2018 to mark the 100th anniversary of armistice. I hope you can join us there anytime between 12:30 and 4pm that day.

Fifty-two Davids is a snapshot of 52 men and their families I have discovered through my genealogical research who were all touched by the Great War.

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  • Joseph James Foster-Part 2 November 10, 2018 - By January of 1919, Joseph had been away from his family for two and a half years and had been in France and Belgium for some very brutal parts of the war. There was no record of him ever having been injured or sick, not even the very common ailment of scabies. In the months […]
  • Update: Edward Clinton Biccum and Nellie Richmire. November 3, 2018 - One of the most rewarding parts of this project has been connecting with distant relatives, and making connections across the country and the world about our common relatives.  This past week, the great-grandson of Edward Clinton Biccum and Nellie Richmire reached out to me to ask if I would add some additional information to the […]
  • Joseph James Foster-Part 1 November 3, 2018 - Joseph James Foster was my great-grandfather, and the 52nd citizen soldier I am profiling in this series.  On his mother’s side, he was descended from the Langton and Bishop clans, both of which arrived in then Upper Canada in the early 1840s. This is a line of my paternal family I have documented in 6 […]