Update: Edward Clinton Biccum and Nellie Richmire.

One of the most rewarding parts of this project has been connecting with distant relatives, and making connections across the country and the world about our common relatives.  This past week, the great-grandson of Edward Clinton Biccum and Nellie Richmire reached out to me to ask if I would add some additional information to the story of his grandparents that I first wrote about last February.

My post ended by referencing Nellie’s remarriage after the war to a man named Frank Brant, and that Nellie, her and Edward’s son, John (Jack), and Frank settled in Michigan.

Nellie’s grandson wrote to me that Frank Brant was also veteran of the Great War, having served as a private in the United States Army with the 42nd Infantry Division from November 1917 until the end of the war.  He survived the war, but it clearly had it’s impact.  As my distant cousin wrote to me last week, “when the United States entered World War Two, Frank strove to find my grandfather a war-essential job, so that Jack wouldn’t have to experience war as he did.”

This week, leading up to Remembrance Day, I am so honoured to remember the men in this project through events such as the anniversary of armistice, but also to remember the families of those men and the impact that the Great War had upon them well after November of 1918.  We are still feeling the impact of all of these families’ experiences today.